Mfcl 8690 cdw print quality problems, any idea ?

Oct 26, 2022
Hello guys! First of all thanks to all the forum as i just found the web, and its incredible helpful for average users like me !!

Well i got a mfcl 8690 cdw has been great so far but lately its giving me headaches, one year ago i changed the fuser unit, and all was ok print quality wise, but now i got black areas at the sides wich i cannot locate the source of it, i might say that maybe i need to replace the drum unit, but i am not sure .. and as it is an expensive part i would like to have your opinion guys, i attach a picture of the issue and the data of the printer so your opinions are welcome!!!

Thanks in advance fellas!


  • Screenshot_20221026_153733.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20221026_153813.jpg
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  • Brother MFC-L8690CDW series.pdf
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