MFP 178nw shadow/ghost printing problem

Mar 5, 2024
Hello, I have an HP Color Laser multifunctional printer (Model 178nw) which is giving me ghosting of the printed text and images down the page (see attached image of a test print page). The displacement of the ghost image from the print is exactly and reproducibly 19 cm. I have followed all the HP suggested fixes, such as powering down, disconnecting the printer from power, draining the residual power by pressing the power button and then reconnecting and powering back on. I have tried updating the firmware. The cartridges are genuine HP ones verified by the trouble-shooter program. The only other possibility that I can see is a defective print drum, but why should it suddenly become defective? The printer is not very old (2 years).

So I have two questions:
1. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
2. Is it easy to source and replace a print drum?
3. Is it cost-effective to user-replace the print drum or should I have the printer serviced?

It looks like I could get access to the print drum after taking out the cartridges, but it's seems not intended to be a user-serviceable item.

Many thanks!


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