ML-1210,Vista, Office 2003 and printing in landscape

Mar 31, 2010
I originally had my ML-1210 printer installed on my desktop pc running windows xp professional via usb port with no problems. I then got a Vista Home Premium Laptop and installed the printer to that machine using the driver 20070128180408375_ML-1200_GDI_Vista. Only thing was that I had to take the laptop into the printer every time I wanted to use the printer, plug it in and then I could print from the laptop. So I connected the 2 pc's using a home network so that I could share the printer and some folders between both pc's. (I can't remember exactly how I managed to get my home network to originally share the printer - had some phone help at the time).

I do recall that once the home network was set up I was told to go to the printers (in Vista) and delete / uninstall the samsung printer and then I connected/shared the samsung printer which is connected to the XP machine and it now shows up in the printers section as a shared printer and I can print.

However, I recently tried to print a word document which was created using the landscape setup but when I click print preview (word 2003) it does not show the entire document and tells me that the margins are wrong and wants to reset the left margin to 2.67". If I select to ignore and print it prints in portrait mode (and cuts off part of the document). If I click to fix I still loose part of the document. The same thing is also happening with excel 2003 and a workbook that was set up in landscape format.

I don't know exactly when this problem started since this one specific document is just one of two that I need in landscape format and do not print them up on a weekly basis. Although I thought that I had printed these documents since I set up the home network I can't be 100% certain of that.

I copied the document to the XP Professional PC (w/ all the updates and service packs) and can print and view the document with no problems from that PC but if I use the sharing option from the Vista Laptop pc and open that same document that is located on the XP machine the same problem with landscape is there.

I took the laptop back to the printer and plugged the printer directly into the laptop and I was able to see the document using the print preview without getting the margins are incorrect message. But in order to print it from the Vista PC I am guessing that I will need to reinstall the printer directly into the Vista PC again (which is what I wanted to avoid since it isn't the easiest thing for me to be taking the laptop to the printer all the time)

I did contact Samsung and they suggested a different print driver to be installed on the XP machine but that only caused more problems so I uninstalled it and restored the pc to the way it was before installing that driver (which was for a different printer to begin with)

Originally I had the Samsung ML-1210 connected to the Vista PC using the driver 20070128180408375_ML-1200_GDI_Vista which is when I created those documents and was printing them as well as viewing them without any problems for the past year and a half (but now that it is set up as a shared printer I can't do so)

Any suggestions on how that can be resolved?

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