New Brother HL1210W - Invisible Drum ?

Jan 9, 2018
I have just bought new a Brother HL1210W Mono Laser Printer - it will not work.
The printer is flashing lights to indicate "No Drum".

On the website listing page for the printer, its' "What's in the box" mentions a Toner cartridge, but not a Drum.
Elsewhere it list a 1000 page Drum unit as a separate "Consumable".

I do not know what a Drum Unit looks like - all I have in my printer is a removable bright green plastic tray that holds the black plastic Toner cartridge. However, the green plastic tray has slots that look as if they could accept another plastic cartridge - is this where a Drum Unit fits and does it look like a bigger toner cartridge?

If the answer to this is - Yes, then I have been sold a brand new printer that is 'unfit for purpose'. If the printer will not work without a separate (expensive £60.48 - more than the printer itself cost [£49.74]) purchase of a drum unit and you are not told this purchase is needed, I believe it amounts to Fraud.

Has anyone else bought a new Brother HL1210W to find a drum was not included, so that a further separate purchase of a drum unit was needed before the printer would work?

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