MX-2640N vs MSExcel (as opposed to every other app)

Nov 19, 2015
Hi all,

Our church just had a MX-2640N installed on the network and we have the password function turned on.

The church admin has a Windows 2007 box and the "page setup" is configured with the password. In fact, it works outstandingly well with everything EXCEPT for Excel.

Word, Notepad, FileMaker, whatever - everything else works just fine, but we can have the queue open and print something in Excel - we see the file go to the queue, and it shows the file going then clears. Problem is, the printer never shows anything coming in.

If we print from any other app, it also goes to the print queue, then off to the printer and in a second or so the printer spits it out.

We have contacted our local Sharp dealer but they claim it's a software problem on her computer. I say pshaw. Everything uses the same dialog. My next test is to see if I can duplicate the problem on a laptop.

Anyone ever seen this?

Thanks in advance!


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