My epson Xp 4105 : repeats......

Dec 5, 2020
My printer every time it’s turned on will only print... GET HOST/DevMgmt/MediaHandlingDyn.xml HTTP/1.1 I have updated software, uninstalled and reinstalled, unplugged everything and plugged back in and none of this has done a thing. Help please
Nov 21, 2020
Reading between the lines of some google results it sounds like Windows has some USB driver issues.

Recommend you check your motherboard providers support site and see if there's updated drivers for it. Similarly see if anyone else is reporting issues for your particular system/motherboard coupled with windows updates.

Another fix that's been suggested is to remove any old printers and check for other devices that are connected to USB0000X. One fix included changing the "Print to fax" device to LPT1 so that it wasn't sharing the USB0000 system/connection.

This is a half assed suggestion at best so apologies but that's what I'm picking up from the googling I did.

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