Need a Firmware for MB760b

Feb 22, 2024
I purchased a printer from the auction OKI MB760b, when I brought it home, it had a failed HDD.
I managed to find the original HDD brand new on ebay and I installed it in the printer, however now I required the firmware file(s) to put on a USB to program the new hard drive.
I contacted Oki for support, but they said they don't provide firmwares to end-users, only OKI dealers/resellers/service centers can do that.
Unfortunately there are none in my area according to OKI support person when I was with her on the phone, she gave me a phone number for a service center in USA when i live in Canada, I contacted them and they said they can't help me because i'm not in their area.

If anyone could share the firmware files required, I would greatly appreciate it :)

thank you all

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