Network printer Memory Card does not show in File Explorer Windows 10

Nov 17, 2023

We've got a network printer/scanner with a memory card reader (EPSON ET-2750). In Win10 the memory card shows up in File Explorer / Network on the first laptop, see first image below.

On the second laptop (identical hard en software as the first laptop) the memory card used to show up correctly, as in the first laptop.

But a week ago or so the memory card disappeared from the File Explorer on the second laptop, see second image. Note that printing and scanning works fine, it is just the memory card that doesn't show in the File Explorer (Network Locations).

It could be that by accident I removed the memory card or disconnected it in the file explorer's context menu, but I'm not sure. Note that on the first laptop all is OK and I can read and write files to and from the memory card.

I've been roaming the internet for several days now but no,... nothing, tried out lots of proposed solutions, but really nothing works.

So, for the second laptop, any idea about how to get the memory card back in the File Explorer / Network Locations? Any suggestions? Anyone with similar experience?

Thanks in advance.


  • 20231116aWithMemCard.png
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  • 20231116bWithoutMemCard.png
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