New Lexmark CS510DE - Toner Cartridge Incompatibility

Apr 20, 2017
As it was cheaper to buy a new CS510DE than to buy a full set of compatible inks, I now find myself with two identical printers. The original printer is now 4 years old so having a new machine with a 4 year warranty is a bonus.

Rather than toss away the cartridges from my old printer, I moved them across to the new machine. C, Y and M are fine but K (black) is showing that is not compatible. The new machine came with a 6000 page black cartridge whereas my older machine came with 8000 pages.

Qn: Is this something that Lexmark has changed in the firmware or is it down to the fact the 8000 page cartridge that I am attempting to use in the new machine is showing low toner? When the time comes to replace the black toner in the new machine will it take a 8000 page black cartridge?


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