Nicest image quality - ECOSYS p7240

Oct 22, 2021
I am a wedding photographer, and provide my clients a proof book of thumbnail images alongside there USB after each event. In previous years the cost of toner became so high printing so many pages containing blocks of colour, that the £300 a month toner bill became too much, and about 8 years ago I moved to a Zerox ink-stick printer. The photos printed a little speckled perhaps, but the colours were certainly punchy.
Anyway, the £1500 printer broke, I spent £250 on a repair and it broke again, in a different way! So rather than spend another £250 on another repair I figured I'd find another printer, with a low cost-per-page. And I found a higher-priced Kyocera would give me lower-cost printing.

So today the printer arrived, and I excitedly ran a test print. And got the most horrific print quality! DUll colours, and extremely over-sharpened image edges.
I'm not expecting photo quality, but can somebody please give me some pointers on the best image settings.
I've gone to Custom Colour Adjuestment and tweaked Saturation up to about 2, Lightness 1.5 and contrast -6. A little better, but still over sharpened. I can't see any change if I alter Trapping, Pattern Scaling or Line Thinning.

Any tips? Thanks

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