Need someone to print a small image for comparison

Jul 30, 2021
I have the 600x600 DPI HP Color Laser Jet Pro M255dw printer. I'm printing a small image and it prints pretty good details when I set Color settings to half tone Detail in printer preferences. I'm attaching a photo. The image is the Navy Wings. I'll attach the source image as well. The small image I resized down to 12x6mm so it's pretty small but in Inkscape, it resizes very well without losing detail.

I'm asking someone who has a 1200x1200 DPI if you could print to a file and upload that file so I can try to compare your resolution to mine. If you show better details then I'm going to buy a 1200x1200 DPI HP laser printer.

Nelson Wings 3.png is the orignal image file.
Nelson Wings 31.png is the resized down image file.
Nelson Wings v2.png is a close up photo I took of the print job using a close up lens on my phone.

Thank you for your help.

Nelson Wings 3.png


  • Nelson Wings 31.png
    Nelson Wings 31.png
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  • Navy Wings v2.jpg
    Navy Wings v2.jpg
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