Need Help With Printing Two-Sided Flash Cards

Apr 29, 2016
This will be a somewhat difficult problem to explain, but I'll try.

I am making 3" x 5" 'flash cards,' but can't figure out how to configure the printer settings and how to present the pages to print to the printer.
Actually the cards that I am wanting to print aren't normal flash cards with a question on the front and an answer on the back; instead, they are just cards with statements on the front and totally independent statements on the back, so I guess you could just call them 3” x 5” note cards; i.e., the front side's content has nothing to do with the back side's content.

I am using normal, 8 1/2" x 11", letter-sized paper (thick stock, however) with OpenOffice 'Write' as my word processor. My printer is an Epson ET-2760. The cards are to be printed in a landscape orientation. Each side will then have four cards with the text appearing as that on a recipe card, for example.

So what I am trying to accomplish is to print the cards in such a way that the back side of the card will be printed upside down, compared to the front side. In other words, after reading the front side, if you were to first read the front, holding the card in a normal, long-edge horizontal fashion, and then flip the card over the long (x) axis, the back side would appear to be upside-down.

First question: I'm not sure just how to handle the input for each card's text to the printer. Do I first print the four front-side cards, then manually remove printed sheet, turn/flip it, then place it back into the printer, before printing the back-side? And, if I have to do that manually, which way/s do I turn/flip the paper, before printing the back side so that it comes out looking as described above? (with the back side appearing to be upside-down? I knew how to do this on my old printer, but not on this new Epson 2760 model.

Second Question: Is there a way to avoid having to manually turn/flip each page so I get both sides printed as described, and if so, how can I do that? What are the printer settings that I need to choose? If possible, please give me step-by-step instructions, as I'm not real computer-savvy and need lots of hand-holding, or I will definitely get confused.

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