samsung CLP-310 printing issue need help to fix

Nov 16, 2017
hello experts,
hi to everyone , from canda
i have this printer almost 3 years, very low/moderate usage , but lately it gives this shadow (yellow / lines mention with red arrow ) issue, and i attached photo to suggest me fix issue, here are some action i took but still issue is there.(please see photo)

1) all toner are 45 to 55% - i shake couple of time but still issue is there
2) i already clean waste toner from imaging drum unit, - found almost full wastage but seems clean now
3) already clean transfer belt with iso- propyl Alc.
4) also clean transfer roller (back door) but i found every time spitting toner and dirty
i don't understand why this roller get dirty every time i print , seems shadow from there but not sure.

request to expert suggest some fixing , help appreciated thanks in advance.


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