Samsung CLP-680 massive color misalignment

Nov 8, 2020
Hi guys,
My CLP-680 color laser printer is a miracle:
- b/w printing is almost perfect
- color printing shows massive color shifts: cyan only little bit, Magenta several millimeters, Yellow also shifted and is only printed on the left side of the paper - fading out completely after 4-5 cm to the right. See picture attached.

I already dismantled the whole printer, cleaned and checked almost every unit, but I can not find the problem. As the errors somehow correspond to the position of the toner/OPC units within the machine (from front to back: black, cyan, magenta, yellow), I expect some mechanical problem somehow - but still, I cannot find something.


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Jan 3, 2022
Hi I have the same problem - did you ever find a solution ? If do please let me know.
Many thanks

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