Samsung CLP-315 color problem

Feb 13, 2020
Hello! You see, I rescued this old model that we had lying around for quite some time and I wanted to use it for printing my illustrations. However, I encountered some problems:

-"ghosting": basically the last image printed appears in the next one, faded and always yellow.
- saturated: the colors do not match the image desired. Basically when i try to print pastel colors saturated ones appear instead. I'm talking about really dark green instead of soft green, or a red instead of a light pink. It seems that the colors are not mixing properly.

I already clean the whole printer, inside out. One think that I noticed was in the tranfer belt: yellow dust will fall from the inside. I guess this is the cause for most of the yellow fading.

Does any of these problems mean that I have to replace some pieces? Thank you for your help.

PS: if needed, I will upload an image with the illustration printed, so you can see the problem clearer.
Feb 2, 2020
Hi. A few questions;
A quick search showed that model printer goes back to at least 2008 so I'm wondering just how long it has sat without being used? Years perhaps?

As for replacing pieces if it has sat for quite some time perhaps the toner has, for the lack of better words, become 'hard'. Have you tried removing the toner cartridges and giving them a shake to loosen and redistribute the toner? If that fails perhaps it needs new toner and drum which can be somewhat costly to replace. Considering you can now get new color laser printers starting at a few hundred dollars it might be more cost effective to simply replace the printer with a new one rather than spending a lot of money trying to get it going and still end up not having a working printer.

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