Samsung CLP-315 poor print quality and now Red Light

Nov 26, 2015
Hello all, been searching for an answer on this one so perhaps someone here can help. I have a Samsung CLP-315W that I hacked several years ago. I've had no problem printing and refilling the toner as needed. Recently however the prints have smears and dark areas on them. I have a second CLP-315W for parts and, not being shy of opening up the printer, I took it apart to clean the insides and look for the source of the poor print quality. I cleaned the print drum and emptied the waste toner and put the whole thing back together. The printer was still working but it didn't solve the dark smudges, so I replaced the fuser unit with the one from the other printer. After this the printer would go through its startup process but end with a solid red light. Thinking that perhaps the fuser wasn't compatable for whatever reason, I put the original one back into the printer but the red light remains.

My question is, does this require the EDC to "reset" the printer so that it will once again print, and where do I find this for the CLP-315? And, assuming I can get the printer to work again, how do I then fix the dark smudges on the prints?

Thank you all for your help!

p.s. I'm having problems insering a pic of the poor print quality but you can view what I was trying to upload here.
Apr 11, 2022
There is a lot of discussion on social media about the poor print quality of Samsung CLP-315. Some are saying that the print quality has deteriorated, while others say that the print quality has changed. While the stock price of Samsung CLP-315 is not good, it is still a good investment. The reason why the print quality has changed is because Red Light stands for a particular type of ink. Red light is an area of paper that is special because it is made to be more brightly coloured. What this means is that the paper needs to be with less light. This can be achieved by adding more pages to the paper size, or by using a less expensive inks. So far, it has not happened. It is reported that the Red Light spotty prints, but this is not 100% certain.
Red light stands for a particular type of ink which can vary depending on location. In Plain White paper old newspapers look white, but in Red Light everything turns a deep red. This means the ink is too hot and can cause burning if it's used on long lengths of paper. So far, it has not happened.

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