Samsung CLP-680ND image quality degrading

May 27, 2015
Hey all,

So I've had my Samsung printer for a little while now and despite it being a laser printer, I've always been happy with its image quality... until it's recently started acting up.

Two problems started to appear more or less simultaneously: colored pictures now have these 'stripes' and the toner at the edge gets literally torn off by the printer. I have attached some pictures to illustrate the problems. Neither the manual nor the internet seem to have any suggestions about cleaning the damn thing, so I thought I'd ask you guys if anyone knew what was up and if this issue could be fixed somehow...


Jun 16, 2015
I have found the streaking or banding is usually caused by the toner needing to be shaken. I don't print color very often and as a result the toner cakes. Have you tried taking each cartridge out, including the black, and then tapping and shaking each side to side and front to back?

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