Samsung CLP-310 imaging unit fault

Jan 13, 2011

I have an 18 month old Samsung CLP-310 printer.

It has been a great printer apart from the fact that it seems to have print counters built in which means it spits its dummy out and refuses to print when it decides the toner is too low (regardless of the fact that the last few prints were still coming out fine, and you don't have the option of carrying on printing patchy prints say for internal documents that you wouldn't mind not being too crisp!)

It has now decided that the imaging unit needs to be replaced - again, despite the fact that the prints were coming out fine. A new imaging unit seems to be about the £140 mark, when I only paid £150 for the printer brand new!

I use the printer quite a lot - I'm a self employed accountant so it gets used for probably 100 prints a day and upwards - I am wondering whether to cut my losses and just get a new one. So my two questions are...

1) I have seen some quite cheap chips for sale on ebay which claim to reset the toner counters - I just wondered if anyone knows if this will also reset the counter which clocks when the imaging unit needs replacing? And thus mean I could carry on printing without swapping the imaging unit?
2) If the above is not an option, the what make & model colour toner printer would people recommend? I have a home office so my priorities (in order) are as follows:-
- Price under £200
- Not too bulky in size (similar size to Samsung CLP-310 would be ideal)
- Reasonably priced toner cartridges
- No silly fake maintenance issues built in to it like the Samsung one has!!!
- Duplex printing would be a bonus but not essential
- Speed for colour prints not too important as used 90% for B&W, just do letterheads and some marketing bits here and there in colour.

If anyone has any suggestions of helpful info, I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance :)
Jan 31, 2011
Hi the toner cartridge chips work fine i am a remanufacturer, i havent heard of any chips to reset the drum unit unfortunately! Why manufacturers charge so much for drums is beyond me as most pealpe just buy a new printer, it is criminal, they would sell plenty of them if the price was right!
Nov 10, 2011

I have had that same problem - I'm not going to support Samsung any more because of it!
What printer did you go with in the end?

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