no detail in similar color dark regions (Canon MP810)

Mar 26, 2010
a few years ago I especially bought a more expensive Canon printer, the MP810 to be able to print my digital photos realisticly. It uses very fine 1 pl ink spots.

What I don't understand that when I print a photo (with say a black or brown leather couch or the tires of a car or bike) that on the printed picture the detail is lost and you can see larger same coloured spots on the printed picture (especially in the dark colors).

I'd like to know if this is normal print quality for my Canon MP810 printer.

To help I took a picture from my digital camera and printed it and then I scanned the picture back without using any of the scan-enhancements options turned on.

Please check out the attached pictures. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed (I need to have posted 25 messages here) to link to my pics and I had to resize them VERY small so please save them on your pc and flip from one to the other with a picture viewer and compare.

now if you pay attention to the part under the bumper of the right most car and the dark areas of the skelters chair and below the frame, you notice the dark color patches without any detail that you DO see with detail (different colors of black/blue/brown) in the original picture. Is this normal ?

I hope I explained clearly enough. thanks in advance for looking at my problem !


  • from camera.jpg
    from camera.jpg
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  • printed then scanned back.jpg
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