No Draft Mode on Win 10 Home for Brother MFC-J680DW Inkjet

May 13, 2019
Problem: When selecting Print Quality to print on my Brother J680DW printer on Win 10, there are only three choices: 'Normal', 'Photo', and 'Best'. There is no choice for Draft or Fast Printing.

With this same printer on my local network, I have a Win 7 Pro machine that I can use to print. With this Win 7 machine, there *IS* a Draft mode, along with the other hi-intensity slow-printing ink modes.

Question: How can I change my Win 10 machine to get 'Draft' mode working ? Because right now I don't use the Brother printer at all because it is too slow printing and sucks the print cartridges dry quickly. Instead, I use a backup Printer for quick printing (an HP OfficeJet Pro 8100) which is also on my local network.

Thanks for any hints.

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