Getting a new printer - your suggestions please: decent DRAFT colour printer + affordable ink

Mar 16, 2020
Hi everyone,

Hope all good. Your suggestions please!

I’m looking for a replacement multifunction inkjet printer / scanner and was hoping to get your advice on which one to get.

I’m not fussed about how quickly it prints / how big the screen is / the size of its input tray - and I only need A4, not A3.

However, the following does matter to me:

1. Decent draft printing - both colour and black and white. I'm a pub quizmaster and I print 100 - 150 pages per week which I need to print at draft quality. They don’t need to be high quality (as long as decent enough to view!) and I don’t want to pump lots and lots of ink through the machine every week therefore costing £££££££.

2. Separate ink cartridges for the colours - not one combined colours cartridge.

3. USB connection - not reliant purely on wireless. Happy to not have wireless at all - just USB!

My last printer was a Canon Pixma MG 6650 which I was pretty happy with (the draft printing was fine, seperate colour cartridges, USB connection) and I’d be happy to go Canon again. Alternatively, I’m open to Epson, Brother or HP as long as it meets the above criteria and the ink isn’t too costly for the model.

Any suggestions gratefully received! I would probably look to buy it from unless you have any better suggestions? Ideally £100 - £120 max. Think the Pixma was around that about 5 years ago.

Thank you for your time and any suggestions gratefully received!


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Getting a new printer - your suggestions please: decent DRAFT colour printer + affordable ink
My suggestion might surprise you. Thinking about the printer brands and models I ever owned and tested myself, I have some candidates.

Canon IP2700, yes I know, very old and probably you can only get it second hand. It's cheap, you can reset everything on the printer (waste ink pad, etc) and refill as much as you need for very cheap. It's fast and prints quite well on normal and on draft, it's very common in my country and widely used on internet cafes. IP1800 comes close but not the same. Only problem: tricolor cartridge (regarding your requirements).

Brother printers, particularly the MFC-J485 and the Brother Mfc-j4620dw. FAST printer, separate color cartridges (refill compatible and refill resetters availale), yes it's fast and duplex, I had a couple of those and the prints in draft are fast and nice quality.

On HP... there are several options but I'm not exactly happy with the draft printing due to "banding" or too dark colors (pretty common on HP), but there is one printer... old one, got it as a gift and later sold it because I didn't use it... I REGREAT that decision, it's the HP Deskjet D2660, it is really fast and nice quality on draft and normal setting.

I regret even more selling the Mfc-j4620dw that I had (two BTW), it's not only fast and great quality, it can print up to A3.

Good luck.

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