problem getting my printer to connect via ethernet

Jan 14, 2012
Windows 7
imageCLASS MF4690 (Network Model)

I simply cant seem to get this printer set up on my network.

  • I install all the drivers for Windows 7
  • I make sure to leave DHCP, and all the other recommended settings, ON in the printer Network Settings
  • I completely turn off my firewall in Windows
  • Ive tried connecting the ethernet directly from my computer to the printer AND I try connecting it through my wireless router (Netgear)

When i run SetupWizard after trying all these things the device still doesnt show up as being detected. I even tried looking up the IP address on the printer and searching for that in the SetupWizard as well as trying to add different ports. But i still cant seem to get my comp to recognize the printer over ethernet.

Please help! I really need to get this set up correctly.


  • Canon-MF4690.jpg
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