[SOLVED] Big problem with Epson WF 7710

Oct 30, 2020
Hey fellas, I've bought brand new wf7710 just couple months ago. Did nice maintenance all this time, printed something at least every four days or at least ran maintenance test just in case however I get very frustrating problem with photos, especially using photo transfer paper, as you can see in example there are some kind of error with strange lines across photos that reminds window blinders effect. I've ran automatic head cleaning already two times nothing much changes. Could you please help me out what's the issue? Cause I've contacted company that I bought from they immediately told me to contact their partner service provider whom didnt even tried to provide any online support they just asked to bring printer to them and as a rule in our country they dont rush too much to fix it it may take a month or more when they will return my printer.


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Nov 21, 2020
I could be wrong but in refilled cartridges you get that tapering/gradient-fill effect when the ink is failing to supply the printhead quickly enough so the nozzles sort of tail off the ink volume the further along they get to the end of each pass.

  • If you're using a CIS system
    • Check that the system is properly primed
    • Try elevating the CIS reservoirs a few millimetres at a time to see if that improves ink flow (but be careful of it overpressuring things!)
  • If you're using compatible cartridges, check that the vent channel/hole(s) are properly open on each cartridge
  • If you're using OEM cartridges, send the damned thing back and request a new one
You may also want to check the reputation of the ink you're using if it's compatible ink... Try using some other cartridges and inks for example.

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