Workforce 7715 all in one, Getting DNS error trying to scan to PC from printer panel?

Jan 15, 2018
I can successfully use the Epson Scan 2 software on my PC to 'pull' a scan over the network from my 7715 all in one onto my PC.
However, if I use the buttons on the panel of the 7715 all in one to 'push' a scan onto my PC I always get a DNS error.

The annoying thing is that this 7715 all in one replaces a older epson 7610 all in one that worked correctly from the panel buttons.

These all in ones expect you to enter 'contacts; which are in effect the URI of the shared folder on a PC where you want the scans placed. I used exactly the same folder paths in 'contacts' on the new 7715 as on the old 7610 and of course the shares on my PC haven't changed. My firewall and AV are set to allow the 7715 access.

I've restarted my router just in case there is an issue with the domain name server.

I contacted Epson support (never again!) and they suggested I talk to my ISP, so I guess they have no idea as they seemed to assume I needed an Internet connection to work within a LAN.

This issue is the same with all of the PCs on my network - i.e. I can pull a scan but not push it.

Anyone had experience of this and can offer a reliable solution?

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