Workforce pro WF-5620 not recognising ink cartridges

Nov 7, 2020
I have been having issues with my compatible cartridges for a while. It has not picked up on the ink cartridges except for the magenta can anyone advise and help please. I have never had the problem before. But it won’t print properly due this reason.
Nov 21, 2020
Could be a firmware update that is rejecting compatible cartridges with older chips.

Might be worth finding a retailer with confirmed up to date chips or simply asking someone who sells them if there's any known chips that have problems with that model.

Also worth changing out the Magenta and trying a completely new set that are all from the same purchase. Sometimes the chips can be from different batches and/or have different programming so they won't play nice unless together.
Jul 11, 2020
I use a lot of "compatible" cartridges. Unfortunately, they are most often somewhat cheap Chinese knock-offs. Also, keep in mind the contacts on the printer-to-chip were designed to work with cartridge chips that are changed whenever the cartridges are. They don't make very firm contact, and long-term use of a reset chip can result in a little bit of oxidation preventing good contact.

I find in my printers that they will often work for a while, then even right in the middle of a print, one of them stops making good contact and the printer suddenly gets cranky and tells me one cartridge stopped working.

I have had success with two things. On my occasional-use printers I simply use contact cleaner on the chip contacts just before I insert the cartridge every time. So each time it's filled. Secondly, on a couple of my printers that get a lot of use and need high reliability I have actually switched to a chipless firmware.

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