Epson Workforce ET-3750 Error

Apr 5, 2020
After sending a document to print duplex the printer kept jamming. I removed the paper each time and continue to receive an error message indicating I need to turn the printer on again and to see the documentation for more details. There is a number at the bottom of the screen 000021. After turning the printer off, waiting a minute and turning it back on it appears to be booting up properly and then a very loud screeching sound starts and stops and the same error message appears again.
The other message I've been receiving after turning back on is "Scanning error: Turn the power off and on again. If the problem persists, visit for tech support" but there isn't support for this issue online.
The only thing the documentation says is to check for a paper jam which I have very carefully done. Anyone else experienced this and if so your advice would be greatly appreciated. On a personal note, I am so disappointed with this printer overall. The only good thing is the ink lasts forever!
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