Epson Workforce 545 "paper sheet assembly"

Nov 21, 2019
My Workforce 545 printer has a part on the left side of the scanner table that is removable and customer replaceable, but unfortunately, Epson has discontinued the part (Walmart used to sell it for $3). It is called the paper sheet assembly, part #1528913. It is a narrow clear sheet of stiff plastic, mounted on a black part that clips onto the scan bed. It gets scratched over time because the edge of the pages fed through the ADF rub up against this clear plastic. As a result, the quality of the scan getting a decreases over time.

As I said, I called an Epson service center and they told me that this part is discontinued. It seems silly to buy a new printer when this one works perfectly except for scans using the ADF. Does anyone know what material the clear plastic is made of? It is stiff, but bends slightly. I was thinking of getting a sheet of this material and using an X-Acto knife and making one.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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