OKI 321 Microline dot-matrix won't stop feeding paper

Oct 29, 2019
Hi all, so glad I have found this forum - I run a dry cleaning business where we have eight Oki 321's and 320's. I don't have much issues with the 320's but this is a continuous issue with the 321s and 321 turbos.

I have two right now that when we go to print an invoice, the paper goes down, then prints one line and then begins feeding invoice paper, and won't stop feeding paper through the feed. It will not print anything but just continuously feeds paper. Does anyone have any experience with these or any ideas why this continues to happen? It was printing fine with no issues then the next day started doing this.

I have tried changing cables, changing ink printer ribbon, trying on different machines and still same result. I assume this is something directly related to the printer itself. I have also tried doing a reset and it did not help.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

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