OKI C610 Toners.

Jul 9, 2013
Hi Guys, I have a OKI C610 laser printer which we mainly use for transfers of one sort or another. The printer is five years old buy has done very little work in that time. We mainly use it to print on water slide DCT4.5 paper and the odd T shirt transfer. Ive always used the original OKI toners up until recently when I replaced a Majenta toner with a compatable one.

The problem now is that colour reproduction is just terrible rendering my prints unusable. It didnt happen straight away but gradually. I've contacted technical people in the company where I purchased the printer and sent them a test print like the one attached here and basically what they've said is that the printer is b#####xed. They've told me that all the drums need replacing and to install new original toners and it might be ok. Of course That is totally unrealistic because of the price of the toners and drums, I would get a brand new model for less than half the price of the drums and toners and they have advised me to get a new printer.

I might add that Ive only ever used one compatable replacement and now find myself with a useless printer.

Has anyone else here ever experienced something similar and is there a less costly solution to my problem. It would be an awful pity to have to dump this printer because apart from the problem now the printer is like new.

I am attaching a test print for consideration. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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