OKI C841 paper jamming after first side

Sep 30, 2019
I have a six-year-old C841 which is now consistently jamming when the paper returns to the from to go through to print the reverse side. The only way to remove it is to remove all toners, fuser and transfer belt. There appears be no easy way to remove the section lying above the return paper path and the only way to shift the paper seems to be to lift the two small rollers sitting above the paper path and guide it out from the front. It seems very hard to gain access to this part of the printer.

I'm due to change the toner drums and therefore don't know whether it's economic to fix the problem. I asked OKI, who weren't interesting in offering any advice whatsoever on this problem or even say whether it was a known issue that could be fixed easily.

Also, today after many further attempts, a sheet jammed but came out totally covered in cyan toner. The roller in the cyan drum was covered in toner too.

I suspect these are two separate issues but if anything rings a bell, I would really appreciate a steer in the right direction. This is a fair bit of printer to simply give up on but maybe that's how it is.

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