Oki C942 (911/931/941/942) toner issues

Mar 9, 2021
Hi Guys,

Its my first time here. I found this forum while I was looking for something about my Oki C942 issue.
The Magenta toner sometimes shows me on printer display that there is toner on it (about 50% and sometimes about 80% left) but suddenly it goes to 10% without doing anything. A couple of days ago printer was showing me 50% of Magenta at 9am and at 1pm it was showing 10% left without printing anything. And so we stay on 10% for a week printing as usual (we usually change the magenta toner once in 3-4months) until the printer shows me 0% left.
I called my Oki 3rd-part support and they contacted local Oki support but the only solution I received was a firmware update that can (probably) solve it. The technician installed this new firmware 2 weeks ago and a couple of days after that I replaced the Magenta toner (when printer showed Magenta toner was 0% left).
My question to you guys is if anybody had a situation like that where you have a toner (Magenta or any other color) that drops from 80% to 10% or less in a few days even not using that color.

I checked the weight of new (full) Magenta toner and this "empty" toner and the difference is very scary: 1083g is a new toner (full) but the last "empty" toner is 1034g !?!?!?!?!
I checked a Black toner too: full is 1011g and empty is 685g
The Cian toner: 1036g and 697g

Any help ?!

Thanks a lot! And stay safe!!!

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