Oki CX3641 hang during boot

Apr 7, 2024
Hello all. I'm new here, and I'm a small time collector of vintage printers. Recently, one of the printers in my collection, an Oki CX3641 (not the MFP, this has no scanner/photocopier module) has recently been having trouble. A few months ago it threw a fatal error 131 when powering it on, and I let it sit unplugged for a while. That problem turned out to be a dirty yellow LED bar. After cleaning the LED bar, the printer now gets further in it's boot process, but now hangs at "Please wait..."

The service manual offers no help and because this unit is out of support, Oki refuses to offer technical support on the phone. I am suspicious of the mechanical hard disk drive that I imagine it is booting from.

Does anyone have a disk image so I can try to wipe and reset the software, or replace the drive outright? Alternatively, are there any other possible failures that I could remedy this with?

Thanks for the help in advance.

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