P6026CDN Labels in A6

Jun 1, 2015
I'm proud owner of a Kyocera P6026CDN Laser Printer (2PT_3F00.001.202) and it does almost everything I want - except one thing. I cannot manage to print on A6 labels from the manual feed.
Here's what I try to do:
  • creating DPD shipping labels, they are generated as a PDF in Format A6 (110 x 170mm approx.)
  • I'm on a mac with 10.10.3 and set up a page size in 110x170mm
  • the preview of the PDF to be printed looks good
  • but either it does not print the right size
  • or it does print the right size but not from the manual feed
In the webserver of the printer I tried configuring different page sizes (like above 110 x 170) and different paper styles, sometimes he pulls the labels from the manual feed, in some other cases not, but as long as it takes the paper from the manual feed the size is almost 1/4 of what it should be, like it was an A6 print on an A4 sheet which is also approx. 1/4.

Can anybody please help me out? I need to print my labels on my private inkjet where all the settings work immediately and ink printers are not very famous for beeing chepa :)

Thank you very much!


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