paid network printer

Jan 19, 2011

For our members I would like to offer them the option to print documents with us. Thought the costs would be too high to just allow them to print, so we do need to include a few things:
- The person should be able to send the file to a server/printer
- The person logs in with his username and password
- The username/password should be checked with a Radius server
- The username must be in our own database, so the costs of the print can be charged
- The files must be printed.

If for some reson the print doen't work, there should no money be charged.

In order to get this all working, I currently do have a:
- Server (with database)
- Radius server.

I must use the Radius server, since that is the only "legal" way to check the identity of the person.

Does anyone know what kind of drivers, software and most important: printer I need to complete this small project?

Best regards,

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