Canon Oce plotter scan to network share

Oct 28, 2016
I'm trying to setup scan to network folder on a Canon Oce PlotWave 345.

Per the manual I've done everything correctly, except I get errors when saving the external locations. The type is SMB of course since the scans are going to a shared folder on a Windows server.

The format of the path is \\servername\sharename. I've tried various usernames and their password but all give the same error so I'm sure it's not a credential issue.

The error I'm getting is that the hostname can't be resolved. The server where the scan share is located is on the DNS server and the plotter's network settings use the DNS server's IP as the DNS server. So I don't see why the hostname can't be resolved.

If I bypass DNS and enter \\ipaddress\sharename, then I get an error that says the remote destination can't be tested because the remote destination has reached the maximum number of connections.

This error has me stumped. There are several shared folders on the server and people are connecting to it all day long with no problem. I rebooted the server just in case something in memory or a cache needed clearing but that didn't help.

Has anyone here run into this before? If so, how did you resolve it?


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