PIXMA IP8750 - Should it be able to print transparencies?

Mar 28, 2021
Hi All
I’ve recently purchased a PIXMA 8750, one of the main reasons was to be able to print A3 transparencies in order to create screen printing positives.
I’ve downloaded the latest canon driver, however when outputting either halftones or bitmaps from photoshop my print outs are coming out very weak and very wet, to the point they won’t dry even if left for a day or two. Even the solid bitmaps are coming out dotty opposed to solid blocks of colour. (Some examples in pics vs artwork).
I’ve tried all the obvious (to me at least), reinstalling the driver, different inkjet transparencies (using the rough side), different media settings (although I understand ‘glossy photo paper II’ should suffice with canon printers).
It’s been a while since I owned a decent printer, so I’m probably missing something obvious. Would be great to know if anyone far wiser than me has any suggestions or has experienced similar issues with this model? As far as I know from what I’ve read online the 8750 should be able to handle transparencies...





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