Pixma MG4250 - no/vague yellow

Nov 10, 2021
Hi all,

I have a Pixma MG4250 which doesn't print yellow (or only very very vaguely) after I installed a new (color) ink cartridge. I've run the 'cleaning' and 'deep cleaning' process a few times, and even did a careful manual clean using a paper towel. From the paper towel it seems that the nozzle is not clogged (all colors present), but when I print the 'nozzle check' pattern (which prints one big bar for black and two smaller bars per color (C/M/Y), the _first_ yellow bar is not printed, but the _second_ yellow bar is printed fully in a vague tint. The printer is quite old (8 years and counting I believe), but if possible I'd like to repair this issue instead of having to buy a new printer.

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