Portable Printer, iPhone with non-wifi connection. Possible?

Oct 27, 2018
I need the ability to log into a website from the road (so no wifi connection) and print forms that are generated on the website. Is there a portable/mobile printer that would allow this to be done from my iPhone?

I got the Pixma iP110 (since returned it) thinking that would work, and learned a few things:

1. The method of connecting it seems to be that the Pixma produces a wifi network, that the iPhone can connect to and print. Which means the iPhone can't be connected to the internet at the same time.

2. An elaborate solution might be to download an app that would allow the iPhone to save files...then connect to the internet to generate the forms, save them, connect to the printer, and print. I'll be needing to duplicate the solution with other people, and I'd really like to make the solution as simple as possible.

3. Another solution might be to just bring along a laptop. Laptop connects to the internet via the iPhone, and the laptop has a USB connection to the printer. Would sure like to avoid having to drag along a laptop.

4. The amazon reviews about the complexity of the Pixma setup, are not exaggerated.

So I'd like a solution that involves nothing more than my iPhone and a portable printer, and is easy.

Anything out there that works?

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