Prevent automatic updates_HP firmware / software

Mar 18, 2013
Have an HP OJ 8600 Pro (U.S.), Vista x64.
Connected by secure wireless network.

Are there usually settings (anywhere) to prevent HP printers from auto updating firmware or software? That is, unless you instruct it to update. I've not found any settings nor instructions to prevent (or allow) auto updating. Not in the Help file or searching HP's knowledge base.

I never saw this printer try to phone home & update anything, until I replaced the OEM carts that came w/ it. I just replaced the color carts - 1st time ever.

As soon as I plugged in NON OEM carts, it flashed something on printer LCD screen - about updating (something). Couldn't read everything - kinda flashed by.
At the same time, I caught part of the message - something about, "... then, Web Printing will be enabled." I cancelled the printer download (internet connection) & shut printer down.

When printer was new, I DISabled the web printing - from the EWS. Nothing's been updated since then, AFAIK. After that message & shutting the printer off, it had changed my EWS settings & enabled web printing. I disabled it again.
I'm MUCH more concerned about it updating firmware w/o my knowledge or consent.

One possibility for sudden "updating" is, when this HP printer detected NON-OEM carts being installed, it's programmed to phone home - for any number of reasons.

The sudden updating could be legit - from their view, or (as many claim) to update "something," so the aftermarket carts don't work quite as they should.
I've never experienced it, but read many accounts where after some printer "update," then non OEM carts didn't work;
or had intermittent error messages (where sometimes, the same carts didn't have problems before the update);
or began showing non OEM carts as empty, when they clearly weren't, etc.


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