Printer for a job trailer

Aug 18, 2019
I'm a contractor. I'm trying to find a printer to mount in my job trailer. Space is limited, so I need something on the smaller side. I have no need for a scanner, so a printer only is fine. My trailer is insulated and usually heated, but not always. Sometimes it might go unplugged for a couple days when it's being moved. Sometimes we run off a generator, which means no power at night, and even if we have site power, its generally fairly flaky, so you might loose power on Friday and not have heat until Monday morning. As a result, everything in the trailer has the potential of being subjected to temps of -20 or -30 at times. I've heard of issues with inkjet cartridges freezing so I was leaning towards a laser printer.
Large format printing would be useful as I regularly print plans on 11x17 on my home printer.
Epson makes a large format printer that is probably small enough, but it's an inkjet, and hp makes a laser printer that is very small, but only does 8 1/2x11. Are there any other options I should be looking at?

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