Printer automatical reprint 1 month old jobs again every 10 - 60 minuts

Sep 24, 2014
My kyocera FS-C2026MFP+, but maybe the problem is not the printer or this printer, reprints old jobs sometimes again. Every 15 to 20 jobs (sometimes after a longer periode) the printer automatical print three jobs, even when my PC is down.. That jobs (documents) are initial printed on my PC, somewhere a month ago. This issue started two weeks ago. I checked the que on my PC, all the sections of the printerdashbord. I deleted and reinstalled the driver. There is also nothing in my queue. When the network cable of the printer is not connected, there are no prints.
I didn't do a full reset of the printer to the setting of the fabric, because in that case i lose the finetuning and personal settings.

The configuration of my infrastructure is 1 Windows PC 7, 1 Windows PC 8, a notebook with Vista and two macbooks, The are also in the network, a router, 2 x synology NAS,
What can be the reason? Can there be another device which repeats the printjob?
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