Printer Prints Blank Pages From Certain Programs

Jul 7, 2016
Hello. I have an Epson MX920 that I use on my home network, no cable as it is connected wireless. My old laptop had Windows 10 on it that was upgraded from 8.1 and I had no printing issues at all. Recently I bought a new laptop with Windows 10 on it and I have noticed some printing problems. Some programs print blank pages only with nothing on them and some programs print fine. Here are some examples. I wanted to print some sheet music that came from a website and the pdf file had a link to the persons website on the top and bottom and in the middle was the actual one page of sheet music. When I went to print through Acrobat all it would print was the links at the top and bottom and not the main part of the music. I copied and pasted the whole page into Open Office Writer and it printed out just fine. I also can print from other programs such as Notepad but I can not print from all of my programs. It goes through the motions but only blank pages come out. I have updated the driver and I have new in. Any help please? Thank You.

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