Printer suddenly prints files it wasn't able to print yesterday

Oct 24, 2019
So we've got two computers and one printer. The printer is connected to one of those computers, lets call it PC A, and it is shared on the network so the other PC, PC B, can also access it.

That setup was doing fine until one day PC B suddenly can't access the printer while PC A still works fine. It says it can't find the printer even though its still there shared on the network. Restarting the PCs (both A and B) and printer, re-sharing the printer, deleting the printer and printer driver then adding it again in PC B wont solve the problem.
Every time it happens, I need to delete printer and printer driver then reinstall it again in PC A to make things work again for PC B. This happens once or twice every week and I cant really find the solution for this because I don't even know what the root problem is.

Then the other day the problem happened again but that time I didn't reinstalled the printer driver in PC A and left the PC B unable to print because I was still working in printer A and printing some documents. Whats weird is the next day when i turned on the printer(both PCs were just turned on too for 30 min - 1 hr before the printer),the files from PC B that it wasn't able to print yesterday suddenly printed. It was not immediately printed after being turned on but after some time.

Any thoughts about this guys?

In printer sharing settings print jobs are rendered on client computer. It really feels weird since both PC's were turned off for a night then was just turned on maybe 30 min - 1 hr before the printer was turned on, where did that print job came from?

PC A & B- Both are using Windows 7 32 bit
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Mar 24, 2019
Whenever I'm trying to troubleshoot any print job I check the Print Queue to see if the document has any issues, if it can access the Ports. Chances are your document were idled until able to communicate with computer/printer.

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