Help: Printer suddenly has bluish tint when printing in color / Epson L805

Feb 1, 2020

I have an EPSON L805, I was printing a few borderless A4 posters and everything was fine at first (I printed 5 copies of the same image), I paused for a few hours and went back to print again (same file, no edits on settings, same paper, same wifi/network connection) when suddenly the print turns out bluish/more blue hue than the original.

I already did a nozzle check and print head cleaning twice, reinstalled the drivers and it still does have the bluish tint.

I went and got an image online to check my document printing so I dont waste photo paper
1st image is the image i got online
2nd image attached is the actual prints in color (left) and black and white (right) setting

As you can see, the printer can print in greyscale fine, but when I print in COLOR, it turns the grey into a bluish tint.

Im totally stumped, I dont know how to fix this, if anyone has this experience, any advice would be appreciated.


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