Printer sends scanned file to computer, the file is blank. help please

May 28, 2020
Hello friends. My printer, (Canon mf850Cdw) is not scanning properly, for when I scan something and send it to my computer, the file is just blank. I dont know what to do, and I need help please.
We are using the glass top to scan, the printer is connected to the network, and the computer has windows 7. because we are desperate to scan documents, I took my windows 10 laptop, configured the printer to be wired network, and used a cat 5 wire to connect the printer to the laptop, pusheed the scan button, chose computer, but the printer kept asking to connect the computer. Then, we connected a usb thumb drive, and this time we tried to scan directly to the thumb drive. but we had the same problem, the printer kept asking to connect the thumb drive. So it seems our only option is to connect through the network, but the files are coming up blank. Last time we scanned with succses was 5 days ago. Any ideas of what's going on?

We still can print fine through the network.

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