Printer problem with EPSON Stylus SX400

Sep 14, 2012
Epson Stylus SX400

I bought this printer (unfortunately! Chip politics is immoral!) about 3 years ago and everything was fine until recently. The printer uses 4 cartridges – black – blue- red- yellow, and about 2 years ago I purchased on EBay, 4 refillable cartridges and installed these. I have now refilled them about 30-50 times with no problems.

Recently the printing was blurred on the blue cartridge, so I tried rectifying this with numerous HEAD CLEAN’s, all to no avail. Assuming that the blue cartridge was defective, I then purchased 4 new generic cartridges and replaced the old blue with a new blue one. Exactly the same problem! Looking at the attached figure showing my print results of 4 rectangles of the 4 colours, you will see that what should be blue, is pink with some blue lines! Also the black is not quite 100%, although when I print with setting BLACK ONLY, the black result is 100% OK.
QUESTION: What to do? Why is only the blue colour problematic? Are there 4 heads, one for each colour, and the blue one is unclean? Or, Or?

I recently reset the counter to zero, and the charging ink now is disposed of externally.


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