Printer Purchase Suggestion

May 19, 2020
hey guys,
currently have a business where we need to print high quality 1"square full color stickers to place on certain products packaging. We used to use the avery stickers but the quality, cost and print was hindering our brands image.

was wondering if anyone could recommend a printer that would be good for us to purchase.

The printer were currently uses, uses sheets where he cuts them and apparently due to stickers being 1" the paper doesnt have back slits on every sticker which has made it difficult and a timely process to sticker up 800 pieces a week.

they do need to be pretty high quality but any advice for us to look in any direction would be a ton of help and greatly appreciated. Were open to looking at print & cut printers, just want to ensure we can keep our costs at a competitive price and find a way to cut down on time relying on a 3rd party source for ever-changing desgings we have to process.

Thanks so much for the help if you have any advice :)

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