printer setup to the network

Apr 23, 2018
i have a hl l2340d the brother site calls it a hl l2340dw anyway this is either a printer port or wifi type of printer. i want to find a printer like this one and hopefully ir will use the same toner cartridge! but if not fine.

what i have to do is get a printer that i can use a cat5 lan cable and connect the printer to my network thru a network switch.

the hl l2340d will not stay connected to the sifi, i have the reconnect it just about every time i use the printer. so can some tell me if there is a printer like this hl l2340d that i can use a cat5 cable with and plug it into the network, so i do not have to keep resetting the wifi on this one i now have?

keep in mind this is a home use printer so i do not need tons of bells and whistles.

i prefer a toner type unit as the inkjets i have issues with the printer heads drying up do to lack of use, and the ink is so costly for the small amount you get. and yes i have tried the ink banks the use the larger ink tanks but i still have the ink head issues with them, so i went to this toner and for the most part it works great, but for the issue of having to go and enter the ssid every time i need to use it.

i eve put a extender in the same room 2' away from the printer and i still have to do this.

yes my guess is something is wrong but i'm just tired of messing with it so now it is time to find one that connects to the lan.


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