Setup & Install HP USB printers

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    Follow this:

    Install Printer - EZ Way - Windows 7-10

    Want To Install Your Printer The Easy Way?
    No CD - No Driver Download
    Windows Will Do It For You

    Before you begin, be sure to uninstall any previous attempts to install. Follow this:
    Click Control Panel -> Click Devices & Printers -> Right Click HP Icon -> Select Remove Device
    Do that for any other HP Icons, Now proceed with EZ Way Install below:

    Be Sure Windows Update Is Enabled
    Connect Your Printer Via USB Cable To PC
    Power-On Printer -> Connect PC To Internet
    Navigate As Follows: Control Panel -> Devices & Printers
    Click “Add Printer” At Top Of Page
    Follow Instructions -> Locate Your Printer On List
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    ruffin, Nov 19, 2017
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