[SOLVED] Cannot see Canon LBP6650dn LAN from setup. Manual install.

Nov 22, 2011
I had problem when trying to install a Canon LBP6650dn thru LAN.
The problem was that the lan printer was not visible to the Canon software during installation.
The machine was a Windows 7, 64 bit, SP1, fresh install.
From another machine (Windows 7, 32 bit, SP1) everything was ok.

That's how i solved the problem.

1) I assigned a manual IP to the printer ( using its web-interface.
2) I downloaded canon drivers and extracted in a folder.
3) Control panel -> Devices and Printer -> Add a printer
4) Select Local printer
5) Create a new port, TCP/IP
6) Hostname/IP : (in my case)
7) Port Name: IP_192.168.1.5
8) Will be opened the windows-select driver page. Choose "have a disk"
9) Browse in the folder where you extracted the driver and *** IMPORTANT *** select "pcl5e" driver, not pcl6 or others.
10) Ok,ok,ok finish the installation of drivers
11) Control panel -> Devices and Printer -> Right click on the installed printer and choose "Printer Properties"
12) Select panel "ports", then choose "Configure Port" associated to installed printer
13) Make sure that you have selected "SNMP Status Enable", leave on default "Community name" and "SNMP Device Index".

Now should work.

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